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A fence is more than a boundary

Jakob Projects, with its rooted presence in Gisborne, understands the nuances of crafting fences that harmonize with the landscape while offering robust protection.

a statement of style and security

Every property has its unique character, and our fences are designed to accentuate this individuality. From classic picket fences that evoke nostalgia to modern designs that make bold statements, our range is diverse and customizable.

Fences, Jakob Projects Limited

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David Jakob ensures that while aesthetics are prioritized, the durability and functionality of our fences are never compromised. Be it safeguarding your property, ensuring privacy, or merely adding to its visual appeal, our fences stand tall and strong.

Fences, Jakob Projects Limited
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Incorporating the best materials, innovative designs, and impeccable installation processes, we provide fencing solutions that not only define the perimeters of your property but also reflect its essence and elegance.

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