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Interior joinery is where architecture meets artistry. At Jakob Projects, we channel our craftsmanship to sculpt wood into functional masterpieces, elevating the ambiance of your Gisborne home.

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David Jakob's leadership ensures that our joinery projects never compromise on quality. From sourcing the finest timbers to employing precision techniques, every step is executed with diligence. Whether it's custom cabinetry for your kitchen, elegant wood paneling for your study, or intricately designed furniture, our creations exude sophistication.

Interior Joinery, Jakob Projects Limited

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Functionality is at the core of our designs. We understand that while aesthetics are crucial, a home needs to be a space of comfort and utility. Our interior joinery solutions aim to enhance your living experience, providing optimal storage solutions, efficient designs, and timeless beauty.

Interior Joinery, Jakob Projects Limited
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Every grain of wood tells a story, and our task is to mold it into a narrative that complements your space.

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