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At Jakob Projects Limited, embarking on a new build is a journey we deeply cherish. Every home we lay the foundation for is a culmination of dreams, hopes, and aspirations. In Gisborne, where every landscape tells a story, our new builds aim to be an authentic reflection of both the environment and the homeowner's vision.

Working With You To Build Your Dream

Each new build starts with an understanding of the family that will reside there. Are they lovers of open spaces, or do they cherish cozy corners? Is there a need for a sprawling backyard or a preference for minimalist gardens? Once we grasp the essence, our skilled team, led by the expertise of David Jakob, gets to work.

New Builds, Jakob Projects Limited

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Our commitment to quality is unwavering. Every material chosen, be it the bricks that form the walls or the tiles that grace the floors, is selected for its durability and aesthetic appeal. But beyond materials and designs, it's our personalized approach that sets us apart. We keep our clients at the center of the decision-making process, ensuring that their insights and feedback shape the home.

New Builds, Jakob Projects Limited
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By the time we hand over the keys, we ensure that every corner of the house resonates with the owner's spirit, every room tells a tale, and every space invites memories to be made.

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